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* Women Running for Office - a talk about the upsides and challenges for female candidates in California at Arcade Underground on March 30, 2018

* Affordable Housing on the Voting Ballot - talking state bills and ballots on high-density construction, rent control, etc. at the Federalist on March 26, 2018

* How Immigration Issues Are Affecting California's Food - discussing the connection between immigration and agriculture at the CLARA Auditorium on February 26, 2018

* Sexual Harassment at the State Capitol - talking #MeToo, #WeSaidEnough, sex and politics at Station 1 on January 20, 2018

* The Gas Tax and California Transportation - a talk about the new tax on the day it went into effect at Station 1 in West Sacramento on November 1, 2017

* Fixing Our Dams and Water Infrastructure - a post-Oroville-Dam-scare discussion about fixing dams and levees at Graciano's on June 1, 2017

* Reforming California's Environmental Quality Act - part 4 of our "California's Crazy Housing Market" series at Graciano's on May 13, 2017

* Is "Affordable Housing" an Oxymoron Here? - part 2 of our "California's Crazy Housing Market" series at the Brickhouse Gallery on March 17, 2017

* Pot Is Legal . . . Now What? - cannabis industry experts talk pros and cons of Proposition 64 at Ruhstaller Taproom on January 10, 2017

* Placer County's Measure M - pros and cons of this transit-oriented ballot measure at the Monk's Cellar in Roseville on November 1, 2016

* Shaking Up the Election Process - talking about new methods for campaigning and voting at Ruhstaller Taproom on October 30, 2016