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Policy and a Pint: Dem/Rep/Indie Faceoff - Game Night!

  • The Auditorium at CLARA 1425 24th Street Sacramento, CA, 95816 United States (map)

The November election is still a few months away, but that doesn't mean we should take a break from politics, right? Hot summer nights are perfect for facing off against people who have totally different political views from you, and showing them what's what and who's right!

Before we start up the Election 2018-focused discussions, with panelists facing off against each other, we're doing a few "Faceoff Nights" this summer. We want to find out which one of California's political parties is the big winner when it comes to knowing trivial stuff about California, defining slang words, debating trite topics, and showing off top karaoke skills.

For our second Dem/Rep/Indie Faceoff, come to the Federalist to play in our Game Night. Grab a beer and decide whether to  join the Republican Party team, the Democratic Party, the Independent team, or field your own team to form a brand-new political party that can take on any of those other registered voters.

We'll be playing some great party games that are not Cards Against Humanity (so you   aspiring politicians don't have to worry about being caught in some raunchy situation that could come back to haunt you).

Basically, prepare to debate and debunk the other teams, and convince everyone in the room that you're right. You're going to convince people that you know the right definition of a slang word, and the funniest way to create a meme. Show everyone what a great debater you are when it comes to arguing who'd put up the best fight (zombie Abraham Lincoln vs. a six-inch version of your mother) or which best represents the soul of America (the Bible or Facebook). 

Can your team trump that puffed-up Republican or that left-leaning know-it-all group at the next table? If so, you'll not only score points for your team and win super prizes, you get bragging rights for win winning the hearts, souls and minds of your fellow Californians.

The goal: Which political party's got game?
Another goal: Even though we may be of different political parties and views, we Californians can still gather in the same room, get along, and have some fun.

Don't let your brain turn to mush this summer. Use it (just a little) by coming out to show us how much you love your state and your political party, and use your skills to make them both proud!

$10 tickets - FIRST DRINK IS INCLUDED! Register in advance on our Eventbrite page to make sure you and your team members score seats.

7pm -
Doors open - buy a drink,  grab a seat.
7:30 pm -Let the games begin: we'll play 3-4 separate games for 30-40 minutes.
9:30 pm - Game over, thanks for playing!