Be a Mover, a Shaker, and a Groundbreaker

Our goal is to create fun and mentally stimulating events, give you a chance to interact with our local and statewide Groundbreakers, and make you better informed and more involved citizens. Help us do that with a little financial support. We're a nonpartisan not-for-profit with Federal 501(c)(3) status, so we can let you give tax-free charitable donations.


While panelists speak free of charge and some friendly vendors give us their nonprofit discount rates, we still need to pay a fair amount for putting each events together and getting California Groundbreakers off the ground. Your donations lets us bring today’s thought leaders up close and personal with you, and put on an average of two events every month in fun venues around Sacramento. 


We want to partner with businesses and organizations that want to support California-based Groundbreakers in the community – and are groundbreaking in their own right. 

Our Bigwig Groundbreaker memberships help us put on bigger events, bring in out-of-town speakers and host them in town overnight, and do other things that a shoestring budget can’t do. 

The benefits: Direct access to Groundbreakers and an educated audience of potential customers, local and regional exposure to a bigger audience, and the opportunity to showcase your organization as a community leader that's committed to change for the better in California.

So, for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, let's talk. Contact us to discuss the benefits of being a Bigwig.