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* The Men in Charge of Sacramento Schools - Jorge Aguilar of Sacramento City Unified School District and Michael Gutierrez of Sacramento City College talk about their first year on the job and their future plans for educating students at Antiquite Midtown on May 23, 2018

* The Activist Artists - four major artists discuss how they helped make the Hispanic civil-rights effort, "El Movimiento," happen at the Church Basement on May 7, 2018

Food for Thought: Local Chefs with Michelin-Star Skills - Brad Cecchi of Canon and Scott Ostrander of Origami Grill talk cuisine and culinary expertise at CLARA on February 11, 2018

* Food for Thought: The Future of Farming - Dennis Donohue of Western Growers and Mary Kimball of the Center for Land-Based Learning talk about the economic, technology and demographic trends on California's farms and its agricultural industry at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op on November 26, 2017

* Food for Thought: The Brewmasters - Steve Dresler of Sierra Nevada and Michael Mraz of Mraz Brewing discuss the art of beer at Raphael Delgado Studio on October 15, 2017

* "Icebreaker" Podcast with Kate Whelan - a talk with the woman in charge of Sacramento Beer Week on our mini-podcast on October 10, 2017

* "Icebreaker Podcast" with Glynn Phillips - the owner of Rubicon Brewery explains why he had to close Sacramento's oldest operating brewery on our mini-podcast on October 9, 2017

* "Icebreaker" Podcast with Charlie Bamforth - the UC Davis professor in charge of brewing sciences explains why he's called the "Pope of Foam" in our mini-podcast on October 8, 2017

* "Icebreaker" Podcast with J-E Paino - the only beermaker in California who grows his own hops explains why on our mini-podcast on October 3, 2017

* Food for Thought: Los Autenticos - four restaurateurs discuss the "real" Mexican food they bring to Sacramento at Casa de Español on September 22, 2017

* Food for Thought: The Empire Builders - Chris Jarosz of Broderick's Roadhouse and Garrett Van Vleck of the Shady Lady on brand-building and creating cool food/drink concepts at CLARA on August 10, 2017

* Food for Thought: Andrea Lepore and the Kavookjians - the owners of Hot Italian and South on community-building through their restaurants and food at CLARA Auditorium on July 12, 2017