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* An Assessment of Sacramento's Music Scene - local music professionals describe where it's at, where it should go, at CLARA on June 25, 2018

* What Is Sacramento Style? - the city's tastemakers discuss whether we even have a style yet at CLARA on April 6, 2018

* The Future of Downtown Sacramento - talking with the people who are building and revitalizing the area at Crocker Museum on November 30, 2017

* The Impact of Street Art in Sacramento - discussion about the "Wide Open Walls" festival at Beatnik Studios on August 16, 2017

* Reforming California's Environmental Quality Act - part 4 of our "California's Crazy Housing Market" series at Graciano's on May 13, 2017

* The Good and the Bad of Gentrification - part 3 of our "California's Crazy Housing Market" series at the Brickhouse Gallery on March 26, 2017

* Is "Affordable Housing" an Oxymoron Here? - part 2 of our "California's Crazy Housing Market" series at the Brickhouse Gallery on March 17, 2017

* Sex, Love, Dating and Relationships - talking about affairs of the heart at CLARA on February 14, 2017

* Why Are California's Housing Costs So Damn High - real estate experts discuss the state's crazy housing market at CLARA on February 5, 2017

* Innovation City - CEOs, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists discuss whether Sacramento is one at the CLARA Auditorium   on January 27, 2017

* The Future of Food - a discussion about how Yolo County is shaping AgTech, at Sudwerk in Davis on November 15, 2016

* Revitalizing the Sacramento Riverfront - talking about the riverfront at our waterfront venue, the Barn in West Sacramento, on October 15, 2016

* Future of California Craft Beer - brewmasters and beer tastemakers talk at the Barn in West Sacramento on September 15, 2016