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Policy and a Pint: How You Gonna Vote on Taxes?

  • Antiquité Midtown 2114 P St Sacramento, CA 95816 (map)

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Election 2018 is in full swing -- and now is the time to figure out how you're going to vote!

We're holding discussions with panelists who, whether they are "for, " against" or "neutral," will give us the straight talk on local/statewide propositions and races, and what it means if you vote yay or nay on each.

We’ll have Ruhstaller beer and Midtown Antiquité’s wine (it’s an urban winery) available — because for figuring out these sometimes-complicated ballot initiatives, a pint or a glass of red/white can come in handy.

* * * * *

This evening, we’re going to talk about two tax-focused measures — one statewide, one specific to Sacramento — that are hot-button issues, because they ask you to consider how and where you want your taxpayer money to be spent, and whether you trust state and local government to spend it efficiently.

* Proposition 6, about repealing 2017’s gas tax and vehicle fee increases, and requiring a public vote on future increases.
Soundcloud podcast

* Measure U, about establishing a one-cent sales tax increase in the City of Sacramento to maintain public services, and be used for investments in youth, affordable housing and inclusive economic development.
Soundcloud podcast

* Kiana Valentine, senior legislative representative for the California State Association of Counties
* David Wolfe, legislative director for the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association

* Craig Powell, chair of the “No on Measure U” campaign
* Zachary Yeates, campaign manager of “Yes on Measure U”