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Policy and a Pint: We Voted . . . Now What?

  • Ruhstaller 726 K Street Sacramento, CA 95814 (map)

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Good job, you filled out your ballot and cast your votes — now what are you going to get in return? How are the results of Election 2018 going to affect you as a resident, taxpayer and user of services (roads, water, etc.) in California?

We’re down in the basement at Ruhstaller for our last election-focused “Policy and a Pint” with a savvy group of political experts to discuss the results of Congressional races, top state offices, ballot initiatives, voter turnout -- and what’s next for California in 2019 with a new governor, state legislature and the 116th Congress taking charge.

* Kim Alexander, president of the California Voter Foundation
* Brian Brokaw, principal of Brian Brokaw Consulting, and senior political advisor to Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom
* Tim Rosales, vice president of the Wayne Johnson Agency, and campaign manager for gubernatorial candidate John Cox

**This event was recorded on November 9. 2018**