Robots, Drones and Dozer the Detector Dog: Our "Future of Food" Podcast

Listen to the great panelist discussion "The Future of Food: How Yolo County Is Shaping It," which we held last month at Sudwerk Brewery in Davis and find out more about the AgTech innovations, startups, people and yes, even canines, that are springing up in Yolo County. As panelist Kristy Levings from AgStart put it, "On a scale of 1 to 10, we're at a 1 for progress, but for potential, we're at an 11."

Go straight to the podcast (there's a timeline of discussion topics so you can jump to specific parts), and/or go to the List of Resources on the event page so you can read up more on the people, places and things that are creating the massive AgTech economy in Yolo County.