Here's a Cocktail Conversation for You

A great "cocktail + conversation" recipe in two parts:

1) First, the recipe for the hangover-reducing yet still delicious Corpse Reviver #2, which Garrett Van Vleck from the Shady Lady/B-Side/Amaro trip of hotspots made for us at 7 am last week to promote our second "Food for Thought" event on Good Day Sacramento.

* 1 oz. gin
* 1 oz. Lillet Blanc
* 1 oz. Triple Sec
* 1 oz. lemon juice (fresh, of course)
* Dash absinthe
* Shake it all up in a mixer with ice, and strain into a chilled glass.

2) Sip while listening to the great podcast of Garrett Van Vleck in conversation with Chris Jarosz (Wicked 'Wich, Broderick Roadhouse, the new Milagro Centre in Carmichael, and now all the dining establishments in our State Capitol), about How to Build a Food Empire in Sacramento, the second in our monthly "Food for Thought" series.
The two guys are funny, blunt, honest, frank and detailed about how they opened up their first dining establishment, then found they couldn't stop.
It's one of the best California Groundbreakers conversations to date -- and we're not just saying that because Garrett made the drinks and Chris brought the food.