It's Wildfire Season! What Is This Guy Planning to Do About It?

Wildfire Season is here! (Although in California, it’s now almost year-round, right?) And to find out how the Golden State is planning for it, our latest “Policy and a Pint” event was a conversation with the man who is now responsible for a lot of those efforts — Wade Crowfoot, California’s new Secretary for Natural Resources.

He’s in charge of CAL Fire and the Departments of Water Resources, Fish and Wildlife, and Parks and Recreation, among other departments. Basically, Crowfoot is making a lot of the decisions about what happens on California lands — and what should happen to those lands in this age of climate change.

Listen to our podcast as we talk with Crowfoot about what he’s planning for forest management, wildfire preparedness and firefighting efforts, and what will be different about Wildfire Season 2019.