A "Groundbreakers Q&A" with the ultimate Trekkie: UC Davis Chancellor Gary May

In our great conversation at Antiquite Midtown on September 9, Gary May talks about:

* his Top 3 episodes of "Star Trek," and his favorite character from that show

* why comic books are a great educational tool (he has 14,000 of them)

* how his mom's own unique experience with higher education influenced his own

* getting more students into STEM careers, and more diversity into higher education overall

* the best ways for students to get into the college of their choice, and how UC Davis is trying to help ease students' debt load when paying for it

* milestone research coming out of UC Davis

* and what he wants to leave behind at the school before they "beam him up"

Listen to it here via our Soundcloud link and at other major podcast hubs like iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify