Pop-Ups, Pints and Groundbreaker Q&As

Our panels and interviews with California’s Groundbreakers are held regularly in great venues around town. They get to talk about what they’re doing for approximately 45 minutes with one of our great interviewers/moderators. Then you get to take the microphone and ask them the specific, burning questions of your choice for another 30 minutes. Mingling and noshing starts afterward.   

And we record all our events as audio podcasts -- listen to our lineup so far on podcast apps like Soundcloud, iTunes and PlayerFM.

our regular mix of events


Get more involved in the city, county and state you live in by coming to listen to people working in the areas you want to know more about – arts, agriculture, the economy, the environment, the future of drones or self-driving cars, and so on. They won’t be luncheons at Sheraton Ballroom C – we’re holding them after-work at great venues around the region where both the speakers and the audience can sit with a craft beer or cocktail, loosen their ties, and talk frankly, informally and in-depth about the topic at hand.

See a list of -- and listen to -- all of our Pop-Up Panels


We’re bringing “sexy” back to policy and political issues.  Our “Policy and a Pint” events focus on the hot local and state legislative topics of today, and we hold them at some of Sacramento’s best hotspots – the craft breweries that make this region a top draw (wineries and eateries, too). Listen to key people from Capitol Mall talk about what they’re doing, along with POVs from others involved in policymaking, as you kick back with a sour, saison, stout or another favorite beer on tap.

See a list of -- and listen to -- all of our Policy and Pint events


Find out about the latest changes and innovations happening all over the state from the people who are making them. Listen to the CEO of an innovative company, a top chef making waves in the foodie community, the leader of a dynamic organization, a local celebrity bringing the spotlight to Sacramento among others. We aim to make the venue fit the topic, so you’ll be seeing these Groundbreaker interviews in a mix of places -- anywhere from a downtown rooftop, to a warehouse-turned-art gallery, to a flower-covered field in the Central Valley. Hear about the changes happening in the places where they’re actually happening. 

See a list of -- and listen to -- all of our Groundbreakers Q&As